The solitude/the hope

Karnik Addarian


Armenian communist poet




The solitude/the hope


الاخضر القرمطي Translation from Arabic: william Red

I. The solitude




So horrible…


To be among the people


!But to feel alone


So horrible…


.To see only walls along the ways


To cry on the surfaces


.But to not hear echo


.To hit your forehead with the indifference of the dead


So horrible…


,To lift the cup


,But to know that they were emptied it


,To live a hard pain


,To “chew the cud” of a pain


!With no hope in the morning


So dreadful…


To love passionately of words


.Gravels falling in the emptiness of vacuum


,To look faraway


.But to not imply anything


So dreadful…


,To open your heart to others


,To open your mind and your love




Not to see wherever you look


But only slammed doors,


!Only closed windows




II. Hope




!I still hope


One day,


,Water will be clear


.The fountain will not run out


,We will find ocean’s waves in a drop of water


!One word will be enough to say, “Life is beautiful”


.In one ray, we will see visions of tomorrow


,Autumn comes


Nevertheless, the leaves will not fall down…


,The clouds blackened


.However, one star will be enough signals to the blue path


!One tree will bear all the fruits


,No human will remain alone


.In the daylight of the world


.He will carry on his arms all human’s dreams


,A handshake gives you an era of love


In one look, the rainbow will raise….


The buried hope of human beings


,Still alive


Full of heart.



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